List of participants

Name of participant University Country Full paper
Akyüz, M. Hakan Galatasaray University Turkey Allocation and location space based branch and bound algorithms for the capacitated multi-facility Weber problem
Araoz, Veronica NHH - Norwegian School of Business Norway Semi-lagrangean approach for price discovery in markets with non-convexities
Baldi, Mauro Maria Polytechnic University of Turin Italy The three-dimensional knapsack problem with balancing constraints
Bianchi de Aguiar, Teresa University of Porto Portugal Vehicle routing for mixed solid waste collection-comparing alternative hierarchical formulations
Bode, Claudia Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Germany Cut-first branch-and-price-second for the capacitated arc-routing problem
Carlsson, John Gunnar University of Minnesota USA Robust partitioning for stochastic multi-vehicle routing
Gila Arrondo, Aránzazu University of Murcia Spain Fixed or variable demand? Does it matter when locating a facility?
Gussmagg-Pfliegl, Elisabeth University of Vienna Austria Mail-delivery problems with park-and-loop tours: a heuristic approach
Hou, Dongshuang University of Twente The Netherlands Convexity and the Shapley value in Bertrand oligopoly TU-games
Hübner, Ruth University of Göttingen Germany When is rounding allowed? A new approach to integer nonlinear optimization
Ibarra, Omar Autonomous University of Nuevo León Mexico Integrating synchronization bus timetabling and single-depot single-type vehicle scheduling
Kvet, Marek The University of Zilina Slovak Republic Approximate solving of large p-median problems
Lanah, Evers Erasmus University Rotterdam The Netherlands Robust UAV mission planning
Lopez Soto, Claudia Brunel University United Kindom A heuristic for the circle packing problem with a variety of containers
Martín Campo, Fco. Javier Complutense University of Madrid Spain A mixed 0–1 nonlinear approach for the collision avoidance in ATM: velocity changes through a time horizon
Martinez Sykora, Antonio University of Valencia Spain Nesting problems: mixed integer formulations and valid inequalities
Masson, Renaud Nantes School of Engineering France An adaptive large neighborhood search for the pickup and delivery problem with transfers
Nogales-Gómez, Amaya University of Sevilla Spain Single-facility Huff location problems on networks. A DC approach
Pozo Montaño, Miguel A. University of Sevilla Spain Locating optimal timetables and vehicle schedules in a transit line
Raack, Christian Zuse Institute Berlin Germany Affine recourse for the robust network design problem: between static and dynamic routing
Raith, Andrea University of Auckland New Zealand Solving multi-objective traffic assignment
Rodríguez Herrera, Juan F. University of Almería Spain On generating robust solutions of quadratically constrained bi-blending recipe design
Ronnberg, Elina Linköping University Sweden Column generation in the Integral Simplex Method
Schrage, Carola Martin Luther University Halle Germany Conjugate duality of set-valued functions
Schweiger, Jonas Zuse Institute Berlin Germany Multistage Stochastic Programming in strategic telecommunication network planning
Siepak, Marcin Wroc?aw University of Technology Poland Solution algorithms for uncertain R||Σ Ci problem with interval processing times
Stephan, Rüdiger Berlin University of Technology Germany Characterization of facets of the hop constrained chain polytope via Dynamic Programming
Stiglmayr, Michael University of Wuppertal Germany Multicriteria allocation problem
Tirado Domínguez, Gregorio Complutense University of Madrid Spain Heuristics for a stochastic and dynamic routing problem in industrial shipping
Turner, Lara University of Kaiserslautern Germany Variants of shortest path problems
Usberti, Fábio Campinas State University Brazil On the complexity and heuristic methods for a new arc routing problem
Ushakov, Anton Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Russia A lagrangean heuristic for a nonlinear minsum facility location problem
Violin, Alessia Free University of Brussels Belgium A network pricing formulation for the revenue maximization of European Air Navigation service providers
Yizhaq, Minchuk Ben-Gurion University Israel Ranking asymmetric auctions